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Beachfront Properties North Shore Kauai

Anyone looking into the beachfront properties should check North Shore on Kauai to enjoy the island lifestyle. Regarding beachfront properties, you can take two approaches: buying one to live in or purchasing a property you plan to rent out. The first can give you an excellent vacation spot to enjoy the area, while the other can help you make passive income while living elsewhere, so consider your options.

You can find some properties on Zillow.com as of November 2023, showing you what the area offers, such as land starting at $600K and luxury properties for $13.5M. With the properties giving you easy access to the beach, you can go to the area whenever you feel like it and enjoy the water. The area also has plenty of parks and wildlife refuges, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors and feel like you’re always in paradise.

As you look into the different options and get a feel for what makes the North Shore an excellent place, remember that I can help you. I know that finding an ideal property goes beyond picking one near the beach since you must consider the location, the quality of the property, and any land you get. If you need help going through them and finding your dream home, contact me for assistance so you won’t have to go through this alone.

  • You have plenty of land to look for beachfront properties on the North Shores of Kauai.