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Second Homes Koloa

If the second homes in Koloa are the reason you’ve come to us today, then you’ve landed in the right place. Let us help you find the picture-perfect, comfortable, distinguished addition to your portfolio. You’ll see several options here, including new build options at PiliMai. Whether on the golf course or waterfront, whether affordable or luxurious, you have extensive options here. And we’ll find whatever you need.

From $610K to $135M, use these houses to retire, rent out, or to get away while on vacation. While you’ll experience so many things to see and do here, there’s shopping, dining, and entertainment all around town. You’ll find plenty of attractions and island atmosphere throughout the area no matter where you call home. If you’re looking for a seasonal residence for your vacation getaway or a fantastic place to retire, you’ve just found it!

With the second homes in Koloa, you might also like to see other properties. You’ll find that condos list from 275K to $2.5M and show fantastic options as well. But with the stellar services we provide, you wouldn’t consider letting another real estate team take you on tour. When you want all the attention and care you deserve, including all the top MLS listings, we’re here for you. We can also show you the availability of vacant land too to build your dream home!

I’m REALTOR®/broker Donna Rice, and I’m always happy to discuss how the Rice Luxury Group can help you find the seasonal home you most want. By leveraging superior marketing strategies with updated technology, we’ll save you money, time, and stress. When you determine your budget and requirements, we’ll help you compile the properties you’d like to tour and tell you more about these beautiful areas. Give us a call today.

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