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Free Market Analysis Poipu

Sellers should have a free market analysis in Poipu done. According to rockethomes.com in March 2023, the median list price of a piece of property in the area is $977,375. That’s a difference of $27,625 or 2.9% from the same time last year. 626 homes were listed for sale on the market last month. If you’re considering selling, knowing local trends remains essential!

Getting a free home valuation done is an excellent preliminary step. It gives you a way of looking at your house’s size, condition, age, and school zoning information to get an idea of what the fair market value could be with the present economy. Doing this shouldn’t be overlooked regardless of whether you’re selling your home or an investment, but it shouldn’t be the only research you do either.

Why is a CMA important? It’s the most in-depth and accurate way to find out what a house is worth. Too many people resort to using internet-based valuation tools and the like. While simple, fast, and accessible, these are often inaccurate and don’t give you what you need. Avoid the hassles by talking to a team who’ll steer you correctly from the beginning of the deal.

Let your REALTOR® team help you select comp properties. You’ll be glad you’re able to look at comp properties. These selected carefully from neighboring options having closed in the past three months or so will give you a better idea of what to expect from the market. See how their final sale prices compare to the initial list ones. Schedule a consultation to find out more!

  • Free market analysis in Poipu will help you sell!