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Golf Course Communities Princeville

Joining one of the golf course communities in Princeville will allow you to relax, enjoy the sport, and find a place you can call your home. You have multiple golf courses in the area, such as the Makai Golf Course, Princeville Makai Golf Club, and Princeville at Hanalei. Each one offers a different golf course, so you should look into the options and see the differences between these golf courses to determine which you want to live near.

As for the options on the market, RedFin.com has a handful of houses as of November 2023, with prices sitting between $699K to $7.85M. Considering that houses can quickly go into the millions in this region, you have some lower-cost options if you want to move into the area and be close to a golf course. You’ll then need to compare the options near the golf courses to pick your favorite.

You can always talk with a real estate professional as you look into these different communities and decide where you want to live. I love to research the area and know about the other amenities and options available so I can help you find a property near a golf course you care about. As long as we stay in contact, we can work together to find your ideal home, so call me now for assistance.

  • If you live in Hanalei, consult a listing specialist before you sell your house.